About Us


It is an undeniable fact that modern societies force industries and logistics activities to be safer and environmentalist, and the development of standards creates a negative burden on costs. As Palet Logistics, we plan to our customer supply chain to be more efficient and optimezed, increasing the percentage of estimation,to foresee possible problems before they occur, to find solution and thus preventing potential customer dissatisfaction with work together. We are making plans regarding the idea that every stage of the chemical logistics supply chain will be organized effectively and quickly , and that goods or semi-fisihing products will reach market access. By working together, you can make your employees more productive, your organization more effective and competitive with our modern infrastructure, the principle of "Your customer is our customer". Our professional understanding, our expertise in the storage of hazardous chemicals guarantees being focused on quality and customer satisfaction while conducting their activities

Our Mision

As Palet Logistics, based on customer satisfaction and efficiency, sectoral new solutions and Technologies to the service of our country and It rises to the leading position in the sector by providing new projects in all service branches related to the logistics activities of chemical products by providing unconditional customer satisfaction.