Domestic Distribution Services


As Palet Logistic, we carry out the trasportation services of our customer’ s FTL and LCL  products within the city and between cities our strong supplier netwrok and prof. staff with insured and suitable vehicles.

  • Domestic Distribution full truck with ADR or witout ADR ( FTL )
  • Domestic Distribution partial truck with ADR OR or without ADR (LCL)
  • Temperature Contrelled partial truck with ADR or without ADR ( LCL )
  • Temperature Contrelled full truck with ADR or without ADR ( FTL )
  • Distribution and transport Solutions
  • Gathering and putting together
  • Delivery to the door
  • Delivery to store or shopping mall
  • Following and monitoring
  • Manage of Distribution and monitoring
  • Dealer Distribution Network
  • Supply Chain Network
  • Delivery Modeling
  • Private Fleet Management