Our Environmental Policy


As PALET LOGISTICS , we see to Enviromental Management System as a philosophy of life. Our aim, to be Pioneer in creating enviromental awareness , to protect our global resources and to leave a clean World for future generations.  With this aim in mind;

  • Seeing environmental management as an integral part of our business and using environmentally friendly materials in all our activities,
  • Minimizing the enviromental impact by improving our practices with our and existing and new investment.
  • To fulfill our sectoral and legal obligations on issues concerning our activities, to comply with ethical rules and national and international regulations.
  • All interested parties; to increase the environmental sensitivity of our customers, suppliers and the public,
  • Acting in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard,
  • To ensure the disposal of our wastes in accordance with their specifications, to support recycling and reuse and to keep environmental practices at the maximum level for the prevention of pollution,
  • To ensure that our natural resources are used effectively, efficiently and sustainably, for this purpose, to follow all kinds of technological developments.

We are a company that has adopted.