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Technological infrastructure system , which are one of the basic factors of innovative , reliable , economical and at the same time fast service production, have great importance in organizational structure.  For this, we work with modern information technology systems in order to carry out both our own business processes and business processes of our business partners more efficiently.

The sharing of information acts as an important bridge between our company and our customers. Our 'Warehouse Management Systems' (WMS) customers can always access current stock information. This applied system not just manages the developments of business proceses more easly and faster but also Provides the opportunity to receive the fastest reports by detailing the reports of these processes.

Information and assests are one of the most the most important concepts for organizations to continue their activities. Therefore, the protection and hiding of hiding of information is a very

Information and assets are one the most imporatant concepts for organizations to continue their activites. Therefore , the protections and hiding of informations is a very important factor for us . PALET LOGISTICS, which continues its way with the aim of having ISO 27001 ( ISMS) certifcate, continues its investments in the management and protection of information and assets system.